Missing My Wacky Friends

If there is one single thing that I am thankful for in being able to work with my present company, is that I was able to meet the wackiest, funniest and most enjoyable gang one could ever find. I miss those times when me and my friends would go out during our rest days and watch movies or go to a bar or just spend the night on our place watching dvd's while drinking cheap beer. We are very easy to please type of people, most likely that's the exact same reason why we bonded so easily. I can't help myself but cry whenever I recall those good times we've shared together. The most unforgettable time I had with them is when we went to Recto and ate in one of those Chinese restaurants. On our way to the restaurant, we've noticed a store that sells unusual stuff. We decided to come in and check this sex shop at the end of the street that sells out different kinds of sex toys and I can't believe my eyes when I saw a number of sex toys for women. It's the first time I've gone through such store and I am pretty amazed. My friends started laughing when I asked the sales lady how the rabbit vibrator works. We laughed as if there's no tomorrow... and that is the exact thing I missed a lot from them. I hope I can bring back the past and be with my wacky friends again.

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